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Nestled along the serene shoreline of Sint Joris Bay, Kitebeach Curacao offers an enchanting setting for your next event. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, our location boasts an idyllic backdrop that’s perfect for weddings, parties, festivals, and more. With its breathtaking views and tranquil ambiance, Kitebeach sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings.

In the midst of Nature

Imagine celebrating amidst the calming whispers of the sea and the gentle rustle of mangrove trees. Our versatile space is designed to cater to a myriad of events, from intimate get-togethers to grand celebrations. Whether you’re planning a dreamy wedding ceremony, a lively festival, or an inspiring incentive workshop, our facilities can be tailored to suit your needs.

Sint Joris Bay Daytrip

An Unique Experience

At Kitebeach Curacao, we offer more than just a venue; we offer an experience. Embrace the harmony of nature as you immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings. With the azure waters as your backdrop and the soft sands underfoot, every moment becomes a canvas for unforgettable memories. Let the allure of our location elevate your event into something truly extraordinary.

A large playground

Elevate your event against the breathtaking vistas of Sint Joris Bay. Contact us today to learn more about renting our exquisite location for your special occasion. Whether it’s a romantic wedding, a lively party, or an engaging workshop, Kitebeach Curacao promises an unforgettable experience immersed in the beauty of nature.

Here's how to get there ..

Drive to the Aloe Farm and then follow the road down to the Ostrich Farm. You have to pass the entrance of the Ostrich Farm drive all the way to the shoreline via the sand road. About a 100 meters before reaching the shoreline you’ll see a port at your left side with the indication “Private Property”. Enter this port and drive to the second port at the entrance of Kite Beach. You can park your car outside of the port or ask at the bar to park inside the premises.entrance of the Ostrich Farm

At your service!

I want all visitors to have a great time at our spot. I can help you setup your kite and give you some insights in how to launch and return. If you have questions or remarks, you can connect with me via Whatsapp anytime!
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