Camping Area Need to Knows

Insights and considerations concerning the rent of the Camping Area and the 3 Cabins.

Camping info

There is no electricity, running water nor internet at the spot. The toilets and shower are supplied via rainwater containers that we fill before you visit. So it’s essential that you bring enough water for drinking and doing dishes. The area has some sun-powered lights at night. You are provided with a key for the gate  leading to Kitebeach so you can close it of at night.

We ask a deposit of Ang. 100,- for rentals.
(payed in cash up front)

We clean the cabins before your visit and place covers over the beds for hygiene purposes. We advice you to bring food, bedsheets, pillows, mosquito repellent, camping lights, hammocks, a BBQ set, music player, garbage bags, cutlery, beach towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, ice-jug (with ice), coffee and sweaters.

The camping area we rent to the with 3 cabins is not for loud parties! If you want to organize a bigger party (more then 15 persons attending) or want to bring loud speakers, please contact us. We can then inform you about the option of renting the area for this purpose.

What's included

We provide you with a key for the front gate and seperate keys for the toilet and cabins. Two filled rainwater containers for use of bathing and toilets. There are queen size beds in the cabins. In addition we can provide 4 inflatable beds on demand (size for 1 person). There are benches and tables and 2 shaded areas between the cabins. We provide some cushions for the benches. Some people may prefer to sleep outside in tents or in hammocks under the sunroofs. We bring 2 pallets for the campfire. You can bring more wood or pallets if you want.


Camping Rules

We clean the cabins, toilet and grounds before you arrive. We request you clean up all your trash and clean up before you hand back the keys. We also request that you take with your trash bags. There is a broom at the location to tidy up the cabins. It is not allowed to trow trash or food waste on Kitebeach or its surrounding area. Dogs are not allowed to visit. If is not allowed to trow furniture or building materials on the premises on the camping fire.

Note: We appreciate if you use reusable or eco-friendly cups and cutlery!


Rent our Camping Box!

Don’t have all camping gear or want no hassle with bringing stuff? Rent out convenient Camping Box. It has the most convenient camping items for a great stay!

Costs for Box: Ang. 60,- per day


BBQ set / Coals / Fluid / Lighter Propane Camping Gas Stove  2 Cilinders for Gas Stove
Dishwashing Liquid & Brush Camping Lights  Volleyball / Beach Ball Set
Hammock 3 Toilet Paper Rolls Shampoo
Filled Fresh Water Jug (10 liter)  2 Oil Lamps Coffee Perculator

At your service!

I want all visitors to have a great time at our spot. If you have more detailed questions or have a spacial request, you can connect with me via Whatsapp anytime! Check the whatsapp button below!
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